Richard Webb

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Richard Webb

Born in Lima, Peru. Richard also holds a B.A. in History from Vassar College.

Following his undergraduate studies, Richard enjoyed a brief career as a professional soccer player in Hong Kong, after which he began to pursue his interest in grassroots development work and education abroad.

Richard founded the intern and volunteer abroad social enterprise ProWorld in 2000. After establishing more than 10 bases in 8 countries, Richard sold ProWorld in 2010 to focus on new challenges. In 2012, Richard founded World Internships with a vision of broadening the existing internship opportunities available to students to include more global locations as well as professional social enterprise and NGO placements.

Currently, Richard is a founding board member of Global Educators, a consortium of international education programs sending +3,000 students abroad to 26 countries annually. The consortium aims to support the development, programming improvement and commercial viability of international education organizations through investment and leadership.