How to apply


Applying for the Skoll Scholarship


To apply for the Skoll Scholarship follow these steps:

  1. Connect with us to register your interest in the Scholarship and make sure you’re kept up to date with announcements about upcoming deadlines.
  2. Apply for the Oxford MBA programme directly to Saïd Business School. You need to do this during stages 1 or 2 of the MBA admissions process.
  3. As part of your MBA application, upload your answers to the Skoll Scholarship essay questions and submit your MBA application! You’ll find the Scholarship essay questions under the “Funding” section of the MBA application. We would advise that you allow yourself about 1-weeks’ time to answer the Skoll Scholarship essay questions.
  4. The MBA Admissions Team will then assess your application and determine if you are accepted onto the MBA programme or not.
  5. If you received confirmation that you have been accepted onto the MBA programme, your application will automatically go forward to the Skoll Scholarship Selection Committee.
  6. Applications for the Scholarship are reviewed after each MBA admissions stage.
  7. You will receive an update on the status of your Scholarship application and whether your application is going forward to final shortlisting shortly after MBA admission decisions have been made from each stage.
  8. If you receive confirmation that your Scholarship application is going forward to final shortlisting, keep an eye out for an email from the Skoll Centre with a link to the Logistics and Reference Form. See timelines below to know when to expect this email.
  9. Once you have received the email, complete the Logistics and Reference Form. This consists of a series of short questions to confirm your contact details (in case you are invited to interview), how you heard about the Scholarship and your referees contact details. Please note, your referees will not be contacted unless you get to the final stages of the selection process.

Please see the timeline below for dates of the selection process.


how to apply infographic 2019-20

What comes next?

  1. All Scholarship applicants in the final shortlisting round will be updated whether or not they have been invited to join a first stage interview (online) with the Skoll Scholarship Selection Committee.
  2. If you are successful after your first interview, you will be invited to a final stage interview (online). Please see below for the steps and timelines of each interview stage; and please be aware you may be invited to further interviews if necessary.

We encourage you to apply to the MBA as early as possible. If you have applied during stage 2, but the decision on your MBA application has been pushed back by the School’s Admissions Team you will need to let us know if you still want to be eligible for the Skoll Scholarship. We will decide on a case by case basis if you are eligible to continue with the Scholarship application process.

Important things to note

  • We cannot consider candidates who have not been accepted by Saïd Business School for the MBA and submitted their Scholarship essays by the appropriate deadlines.
  • We typically award up to four scholarships per year.
  • Please note, should your MBA application be successful, a deposit is required in order to secure your place on the MBA programme. However, deposit deadlines will be extended to those who advance throughout the Skoll Scholarship selection process. This will be coordinated with the Admissions Team.
  • If your application goes forward to the final shortlisting stage, please do not request the Logistics and Reference Form from the Admissions Team – you will receive the form from the Skoll Centre directly via email on the date listed below.
  • If you have further questions about the application process, please check our FAQs. If you still have questions, you can contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.


Candidates must apply to the Oxford MBA programme during specific stages of the School’s application rounds to be considered for the Skoll Scholarship. Timelines for the 2024-25 academic year are as follows (please note exact dates are to be confirmed in due course and subject to change):

Apply for the Oxford Saïd MBA during stages 1 or 2 (including submitting your Skoll Scholarship essays)

By 5 January 2024 (at the latest)

Scholarship applications from Stage 1 reviewed (candidates updated) January 2024
Scholarship applications from Stage 2 and those shortlisted from Stage 1 reviewed March 2024
Skoll Scholarship Logistics and Reference Form sent to candidates  March 2024
Skoll Scholarship Logistics and Reference Form submission deadline March 2024

Interview decisions made (all candidates updated)

Early April 2024
First stage interviews (online)

April 2024 (exact dates TBC)

Final stage interviews (online) April/May 2024 (exact dates TBC)
Skoll Scholarship final decision

May 2024 (exact date TBC)

Find out if you're eligible for the Skoll Scholarship