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Nora Petty

Nora Petty started her career in global public health bringing together NGOs, Ministries of Health, and private sector actors in Cambodia and sub-Saharan Africa to help eliminate the burden of malaria. In order to reach underserved populations, she designed and led innovative public-private partnerships (PPPs) to reduce prices and increase the availability of malaria diagnostic tests and medicines in private sector outlets. Through these programmes, millions of people have been able to afford high-quality, life-saving treatments.

Since completing her MBA, Nora has joined Medtronic, an American medical device company, based in Nairobi, Kenya. In her current role, Nora leads Medtronic’s minimally invasive therapies group (MITG), for sub-Saharan Africa. She is leveraging her previous experience working on PPPs to spearhead initiatives that will improve surgical training and access to surgical and critical care infrastructure.

Outside of her work in public health, Nora enjoys long-distance running, hiking, and baking (as well as eating) sweets.

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