Nikhil Saigal


Nikhil Saigal

Nikhil is currently leading International Growth at Onfido a next generation identity verification start up. Onfido leverages Machine Learning and AI to deliver remote verification of individuals in over 150 countries helping drive increased trust and financial inclusion in remote parts of the world.

Prior to joining Onfido, Nikhil founded Home Safe; a start-up providing chauffeurs as a safe and convenient alternative to drunk driving. Home Safe is a champion for safer roads in Delhi, successfully keeping over 1,000 potentially drunk drivers off the road every month.

Nikhil has been mobilising partnerships between public and private stakeholders to ensure widespread awareness, as well as create strong enforcement structures for sustainable change. This included conceptualising one of India’s largest campaigns against drunk driving in collaboration with Gurgaon Police – ‘Respect the Road’, and designing an official mascot to appeal to the masses, called ‘Traffic Tau’.

Recognising Nikhil’s pioneering work in the field, Ashoka awarded Home Safe under the ‘Safer Roads, Safer India Challenge’ in 2014.

Prior to launching Home Safe, Nikhil was a management consultant and an active member of AIESEC