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Nikhil Nair

Nikhil Nair is the Director of Sales at M-KOPA Solar (Kenya), a leading solar Pay-As-You-Go company that combines mobile money and innovative financing to provide solar energy systems to rural homes. Since 2014, he has held different positions at M-KOPA and has been instrumental in setting up sales of solar powered TVs for M-KOPA in E.Africa.

Prior to M-KOPA, he worked at a SELCO Solar (Bangalore), a social enterprise delivering off-grid solar solutions to rural homes in India. At SELCO, Nikhil managed expansion into new geographies and lead projects such as solar powering rural milk testing centers, vaccine storage boxes for rural clinics, low cost computing solutions and community mobile charging centers. His other experience includes working for a $5 billion clean energy Investment fund in Silicon Valley, and a solar manufacturing company based in the Middle East.

As well as holding an MBA at Oxford, Nikhil holds a bachelors degree in Business from Christ University (Bangalore).

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