Nicolás Argüello

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Nicolás Argüello

Nicolás Argüello is an international development practitioner from Nicaragua. He has worked in a variety of areas ranging from microfinance and education policy to mobile technologies for development (ICT4D) and social venture capital.

Prior to Oxford, Nicolás worked with several consultancy organizations such as FINCA (Managua), DAI (Mexico City), Acumen Fund (Nairobi), The Earth Institute, Millennium Villages Project/UNDP (Sauri, Kenya), NYC Department of Education, West African Rice Company, and Microfinance Transparency. Nicolás is the Co-Founder and Director of Mentores Solidarios, an education-focused non-profit in Nicaragua.

After completing his MBA, Nicolás joined the American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) as General Manager. With over $100 million in yearly program expenses, ANF is Nicaragua’s largest relief and development organization. Its mission is to build sustainable livelihoods for Nicaragua’s poor across the areas of health, agriculture, education, housing, water, sanitation, and humanitarian assistance.

Nicolás holds a dual BA in Theology and Economics from the University of Notre Dame, an MPA in Development Practice from Columbia University, and an MBA from Oxford University, where he attended on the Skoll Scholarship.