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Michael Thornton

Before coming to Oxford, Michael worked as a sustainable infrastructure engineer and led a nonprofit focused on changing the way the world uses water and wastewater. He lived in San Francisco and enjoyed travelling the world with his firm helping cities and large developers find new ways to make their projects more regenerative and beautiful.

Since completing his MBA, Michael has co-founded three companies: Carbon Analytics whose online service help SME’s go green and save money; Odyssey Sensors which develops low-cost technology to improve yields in the bottom of the pyramid agriculture; and Terra Recovery which is kick-starting the landfill mining revolution. Michael now serves as CEO of Carbon Analytics. He and his team have won numerous competitions, raised over half a million dollars for the three companies, and garnered media attention from the Financial Times, Science Magazine and the BBC.

In the future, Michael would like to find more amazing people to join his companies. If you are interested in joining the adventure, please contact him directly. Michael now lives in London where his companies are based.

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