José Miguel Alfaro Gómez


José Alfaro Gómez

José is an Attorney at Law in Costa Rica and Founder of s.e.e.d, a boutique law firm targeted to social impact ventures in Costa Rica.

Before coming to Oxford, he joined Arias & Muñoz, the largest corporate law firm in Central America. He worked as coordinator of a multi-field legal practice in corporate and commercial law, real estate, trusts and estates, mergers and acquisitions and litigation and arbitration. Here, he founded the Costa Rican Pro Bono Committee, which familiarised him with such NGOs as Techo and Grameen Bank. In 2009, at the age of 21, he launched s.e.e.d. As Partner at s.e.e.d., José coordinates legal affairs of outstanding ventures in various fields of the impact investing spectrum such as sustainability, clean tech, conservation, microfinance, fair trade, culture, education, volunteering, health, sports and development. He also actively promotes socially responsible investments and the enhancement of the social business ecosystem in Costa Rica.

After completing his MBA at Oxford, he is back at s.e.e.d where he allocates his time between his legal practice and business development for s.e.e.d., scaling their model to other jurisdictions. He was also selected as Global Shaper, a World Economic Forum community.