John Kakungulu Walugembe


John Walugembe

John is the founder of Better-Livelihoods Uganda, a community-based organisation working in rural areas of Uganda to improve the livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people through: supporting sustainable businesses, increasing food security, promoting environmental conservation, and improving the quality of water, sanitation and hygiene. Over the past four years, the organisation has been able to accelerate access to clean water and sanitation in the Rwenzori region of Uganda by employing a unique approach called the “Diamond Model”. The model seeks to create a well-functioning system of local stakeholders that facilitate the delivery of sustainable sanitation services.

John was also the Executive Director of the Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, a business association of over 4,000 micro and small businesses. John previously worked with the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. John is a mentor for the African Entrepreneurship Award, a judge for the ICCO Agri-business Challenge, the Chairperson Panel of Judges for the Late Prof. James Mulwana Awards for Entrepreneurship and Judge for the Pakasa Youth Awards. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Kampala and was awarded a Paul Harris Medal by the President of Rotary International for his contribution to ending polio in Uganda.