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Joaquín Víquez

Joaquín Víquez is a passionate leader using social entrepreneurship to promote sustainability. He has a background in Agricultural Engineer from EARTH University in Costa Rica, and M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in USA, plus for other formal trainings in Germany and the Netherlands.

Joaquin has spent the past 10 years in Latin America working to promote the use of biogas technology as a mean to treat organic waste but producing positive social and environmental surplus in the process. He founded Viogaz, a social company that designed, manufactured, serviced and even financed biogas systems to small livestock farmers in Costa Rica. Having taken a step back and re-thinking, Joaquin has been focusing now on studying the factors involving genuine adoption of the technology and how its influenced by market and non-market components.

Joaquin has published several dozens of technical publications and collaborated with presentations on international grounds. He has participated as a consultant for organizations like SNV, USAID, Cibiogas, as well as co-founding the Costa Rican Biogas Association, board member of the Latin America Network of Biodigesters (RedBioLAC) and collaborating as visiting faculty for EARTH University for the past years.

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