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Andy Thornton

Prior to studying at Oxford, Andy spent six years working with social enterprises and on social projects in Northern Ghana with child’s rights organisation, AfriKids. Social enterprises he was involved with included tourism based-projects and the development of a hospital which went from seeing 12,000 patients per annum to 65,000 and was 97% free at the point of delivery.

After the MBA, Andy committed to return to AfriKids in order to use the skills he had learned at Oxford to benefit the organisation. Following two additional years at the NGO, he used his newfound consultancy experience and networks built during the MBA to become the Deputy CEO of a new social enterprise, 8 Degrees North (8DN). 8DN worked to create a scalable business model for sustainable palm oil that offers rural African smallholder farmers a transformative link to the global value chain as well as attractive investor returns. 8DN was sold to the third largest organic palm company globally, Natural Habitats, in 2015. Andy set up a new company within the Natural Habitats group, Organic Animal Nutrition (OAN), and led it as its COO, creating global markets for farmers in Ecuador and Sierra Leone. In 2018 the OAN product portfolio was sold to a leading US agribusiness.

Wanting to get back to working more closely with smallholders Andy joined Pacha Soap Co as their Director of Sourcing and Impact and is working to use the power of brand to shorten supply chains and create sustainable value for smallholder farmers.

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