Ahmed Abu Bakr

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Ahmed Abu Bakr

Ahmed Abu Bakr is a social entrepreneur in the health tech space in Bangladesh. He is co-founder and COO at Jeeon, an award-winning model of ICT-enabled healthcare delivery. Currently, Jeeon is working on (i) upskilling informal healthcare providers in rural Bangladesh through e-learning (ii) connecting rural patients to qualified doctors through telemedicine and (iii) connecting the rural populace in Bangladesh to products and services of other organisations.

Jeeon’s vision is to become a systems integrator in the rural healthcare space, so as to improve public health outcomes, by using the power of information technologies to drive efficiency and create transparency.

Ahmed is interested in startups, people who “think different”, taking ideas to implementation, and helping others exceed their own expectations. In his spare time, he enjoys playing his guitar and his PS4, experimental cooking, re-reading the Potter books, and thinking about the next big idea.

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