Sandra Fisher-Martins

In 2007, Sandra realised that 80% of the Portuguese people were missing out on rights, benefits, and opportunities because they couldn’t understand the way businesses and government agencies communicated with them. In response, she founded Português Claro to help organisations simplify their communication and remove the barriers created by overly complex language.

Over the last 10 years, Sandra has led transformative initiatives in banks, insurers, telecoms, utilities, and the public sector, to the benefit of millions of people.

Until 2013 Sandra was the Portuguese representative for Clarity, an international association that promotes plain legal language. She was on the board of PLAIN – Plain Language Association International and a member of the International Plain Language Working Group, a committee set up to define standards for plain language. She was also on the management team of IC Clear, an EU-funded initiative to develop a post-graduate course in clear communication.

An active plain-language advocate, Sandra has been invited to present to high-profile audiences around the world, including at the European Commission, the Swedish Ministry of Justice, the German Ministry of Justice, and the University of Barcelona.

Her acclaimed TEDx Talk, The Right to Understand, was featured on the TED homepage and sparked a nationwide conversation that ultimately led to several governmental plain-language initiatives.

Prior to launching Português Claro, Sandra worked as a solution-focused psychotherapist for the British National Health Service and Lisbon’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia. She holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Lisbon.