Skoll Scholar 2011-12
Geographical Location: North America, South America
Area of Activity: Education

twitter @danielapapi

When Daniela became a Skoll Scholar, in 2011, she has just finished working in Asia for a decade. In Cambodia, she founded and grew a hybrid social venture: a non-profit youth leadership organisation, PEPY; a for-profit development education travel company, PEPY Tours and an advocacy organisation, Learning Service. While she is still involved tangentially in the PEPY organisations as an advisor and supporter, she is still highly involved in Learning Service, a group helping people rethink volunteer travel, and a book she co-authored on the topic is due to be published in 2018.

After her MBA, Daniela worked at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford’s Saïd Business School and was also part of the Clore Social Leadership Program. Through support from Clore, she wrote a report called Tackling Heropreneurship and designed a tool called the Impact Gaps Canvas, which helps people understand and map the systems around the challenges they are working to address. At the Skoll Centre, Daniela helped turn that Canvas into a global competition, and she still supports the team running Map the System, which now has dozens of university partners around the world. At the Skoll Centre she also designed and directed the Leading for Impact Programme, a nine-month personal development program for students interested in social impact careers, co-founded the LAUNCH Social Impact Careers Conference, and taught an MBA course on high-impact entrepreneurship.

Currently, Daniela is based in Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches at Watson Institute and works as an educator and consultant to a range of social impact organisations.